Graphical Modeling


The Eclipse Modeling Framework can be used to create graphical models from your generated schemas.

Ecore Model Generation

Need a solution as to why the DM does not import the RM.

Find out what happened to the XML Catalog entry.

Possibly import the RM then the DMs? Might need to fix the namespaces when you do this.

  1. New -> Project…

  2. Eclipse Modeling Framework -> EMF Project

  3. Model Importers: XML Schema

  4. Model URIs: [Select xsd-File]


From the commandline (untried):

eclipse –console –noExit –noSplash -data xsd dir location -application org.eclipse.xsd.ecore.importer.XSD2GenModel

It generates .ecore and .genmodel for your set of XSDs.


Adapt from this old tutorial:

Code Generators

From your Ecore models, you can generate source code for many languages.

The canonical data model for each concept is always your S3Model Tools generated Schema with the embedded semantics.