Data Insights, Inc.

Data to Knowledge Transformation

Welcome to Data Insights, Inc.

Data Insights, Inc. is the creator of a unique infrastructure technology (S3Model) that enables our customers to automatically transition to the modern datacentric, model-first blockchain managed information architecture.

Data Insights’ products implement a new paradigm in informatics that launches the information infrastructure required for the development and evolution of a future-proof, coherent, robust, semantically interoperable information ecosystem for all domains of information management.


Datacentric Tools

Coming September 2018

Datacentric Tools Suite is a cloud based service that allows domain experts, data scientists, data engineers and others to enhance the validation, semantics and sharability of data.


Kunteksto is our first open source Semantic Web tool to allow domain experts and data creators to communicate the meaning of the data they share, as well as to transfer validation capabilities to secondary data users in a way that is machine computable and transparent to those users. It allows users to take standard CSV files and add context (ontological, temporal, spatial) to their data to improve analysis and richness of information for use in Artificial Intelligence.

Data Insights, Inc. was co-founded by Timothy W. Cook, MSc. and Luciana Tricai Cavalini, MD, PhD.

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