The S3Model learning center.

Introduction to S3Model

A gentle introduction to S3Model.
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Advanced S3Model

An advanced concepts course for S3Model.
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Kunteksto is our open source tool to allow subject matter experts and data creators to communicate the meaning of the data they share, as well as to transfer validation capabilities to secondary data users in a way that is machine computable and transparent to those users. It allows users to take standard CSV files and add context using any combination of Linked Open Vocabularies, domain specific vocabularies e.g. Bio-medical ontologies and local ontologies to their data to improve analysis and richness of information for use in Advanced Analytics and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) applications.
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Infotropic Tools

The Infotropic Tools (ITT) Suite allows domain experts, data scientists, data engineers, and others to enhance the validation, semantics, and sharability of data. The ITT Suite consists of three main tools; Model Generator, App Generator, and Translator. The Translator takes the functionality of Kunteksto and merges it into an environment where each component (created from a column from your CSV data) that is shareable across many models. The Model Generator allows you to assemble those components into data models.
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