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Welcome to Data Insights, Inc.

Data Insights, Inc. was formed specifically to bring Mian Sanon and Kunteksto (see below) to market, therefore the co-founders are 100% committed to the success of these projects. The co-founders are also the creators of the underlying technology that enables the unique functionalities of Mian Sanon and Kunteksto.

Data Insights’ products implement a new paradigm (S3Model) in informatics that launches the information infrastructure required for the development and evolution of a future-proof, coherent, robust, semantically interoperable information ecosystem for all domains of information management. Though our products were initially designed to conquer the challenges of the healthcare information domain, they have since been generalized and improve on the data quality of all domains. You will see in much of our literature and especially in our peer-reviewed works, a focus on helathcare. Make no mistake, our solutions apply equally to all information management challenges.

S3Model is the shortened named for: Shareable, Structured, Semantic Model The models are independent of any specific software application and provide a data-centric platform for semantic interoperability.

S3Model is the Esperanto of information management. This is why our Products are named using Esperanto, an artificial language devised in 1887 as an international medium of communication, based on roots from the chief European languages.

This technology provides what conventional Electronic Medical/Health Records are unable to deliver, which is the ability of collecting and recording data that represents exactly what happened at the point of care or exactly what was intended to be recorded by the biomedical and clinical researcher. Then safely share this information with any other healthcare provider, or bio-scientist, anytime, anywhere.

For public health, the existence of this ecosystem will speed up and increase the range of scientific evidence that can be discovered in the data. At the same time improving data validity, reliability, and the precision of estimates. While supporting routine disease control and prevention activities, by providing more opportune, up to date, easily available healthcare data with higher population coverage.

For every person in the world and their loved ones, Data Insights puts them in control of their health history in a way they have never been and provides the environment in which biomedical research can evolve to discover the cure of all their health conditions.


Mian Sanon

Mian Sanon is a social network to connect you and your family to your healthcare providers. To learn more about this amazing app, go to the Mian Sanon website and watch the videos.


Kunteksto is a Semantic Web tool to allow data creators to communicate the meaning of the data they share, as well as to transfer validation capabilities to secondary data users in a way that is machine computable and transparent to those users. It allows users to take standard CSV files and add context (ontological, temporal, spatial) to their data to improve analysis and more accurate use in Artificial Intelligence.

Data Insights, Inc. was co-founded by Timothy W. Cook, MSc. and Luciana Tricai Cavalini, MD, PhD.

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